Marshallese migration

Full title: Understanding the role of climate change and ecosystem services in the migration decisions of Marshallese Islanders, and the impacts of migration in source and destination areas. Project website.

  • Period: 2016-2018
  • Funding: Pacific Islands Climate Science Center (PICSC) and NOAA’s Pacific Research and Integrated Science Assessments Program
  • Hosted by: The Environmental Law Program in the William S. Richardson School of Law of University Of Hawai’i at Manoa (Honolulu).
  • Colleagues: Prof. Maxine Burkett, Juno Fitzpatrick, Marks Stege
  • My role: Project management, method design, fieldwork in the Marhsall Islands, analysis and reporting, supervision of junior colleagues who conduct the research in destination areas in the US (Hawaii, Oregon and Washington State)
  • Blog by our first intern, Mickael de Souza, for the New Security Beat (link)